Canterbury Domestic Energy Assessments

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All Energy Assessors have to be accredited and insured to issue certificates.

Canterbury Domestic Energy Assessors can carry out energy assessment and deliver the EPC in PDF format by emailed usually in less than 24 hours, a printed copy will be supplied at no extra cost if required

Floor plans can also be supplied which will give prospective tenants a better understanding of your property before they visit.

EPC’s for Rented Properties

When buildings are to be rented out, the landlord is responsible for ensuring a valid certificate is made available to all prospective tenants. The certificates are valid for 10 years from the date of issue and now the scheme has been in place for 10 years epc’s are staring to expire. To clarify the position, rented properties with a tenant in place when the epc expires don’t have to be renewed the certificate until the property is re-let.  This could have an advantage if you intend to make improvements to the property between lets  by waiting so the new certificate can reflects them.

April 2018 Changes for rented Properties

From April 2018, Landlords whose properties have a rating F or G on the Energy Performance Certificate (epc) will no longer be allowed to rent out that property until improvements have been made to bring the rating up to at least an E rating. There are exceptions and the new regulations are too long and complex to go into here but you can download the 96 page booklet below.

The Costs for individual assessments are below but a discount will be give for multiple properties



Floor plan


EPC & Floorplan


Payment can be made at the time of the assessment by card, cheque or cash.

The Domestic Private Rented Property Minimum Standard